I'm a film and television director, editor and writer.
My works include the feature film "Os xeretas" (aka X kids), the drama-series "9mm São Paulo" (Fox Television), a children's series, "Disney Cruj" (Disney Channel and SBT network), and 5 short-subject films.
I also edited 10 feature films and about 30 short films.
"Invaders from Mars" is my first released book and it is inspired by authors such as João Carlos Marinho ("The criminal mastermind"/O gênio do crime), the children's book-series of the 70's called "Firefly Collection" (Coleção Vagalume), and many classics of youth literature.
The first story will bring back to young readers, the pleasure of investigation and deduction, with a plot that takes place at a time when there were no mobiles, personal computers were only seen in science fiction movies and, to have fun, was enough to leave home to hang out with mates to play ball, ride a bike or...
Getting into trouble!






(c) Michael Ruman


(C) Michael Ruman