Joaquim is a freckled boy of 11 who is not content with being a normal child and, in the company of his best friend, Eduardo, gets to investigate strange, mysterious and dangerous events.
Invaders from Mars is the first part of this saga, which begins in 1969. 
Joaquim is convinced that the Martians are preparing an invasion of Earth. 
All clues lead to this conclusion, at least that's what he believes. 
Now he needs to convince Eduardo and the rest of his friends from school to unveil the evil plan of the invaders. 
But do not think that will be easy. In search of evidence of alien presence on our planet, the boys will come across unscrupulous and treacherous enemies. Worst of all: Sergeant Gomes, personified violence, the representative of the repression of the dictatorship years, willing to do anything to capture the two little heroes. 
Invaders from Mars brings back to young readers, the pleasure of investigation and deduction, with a plot that is set in a time when there were no cell phones, to think of personal computers was science fiction and, for fun, was enough to leave home to meet friends and play ball, ride bike or ... 
Getting into trouble!
But make no mistake: this is not a book just for kids. Adults can have fun and remember their childhood, when everything was a great adventure and there was always a mystery in every corner.






(c) Michael Ruman


(C) Michael Ruman